New Feature: Profile Wizard

Dec 13

Over the past couple weeks our team has been working on a new feature we call the Profile Wizard. This feature will be the first of many to address the requests from brands wanting higher quality sponsorship applications and gamer profiles.

We make completing the Profile Wizard easy by separating it into four simple steps: The Basics, Get Connected, Games Played, and Tell Your Friends. Once completed, you are eligible to apply for sponsorships with our Amazing Brands.

The Basics (Step 1)

Get Connect (Step 2)

What do you play? (Step 3)

Tell your friends (Step 4)

Top Stories: November

Dec 07

Here are the latest Spawnsor related news and stories from around the web for November 2011:

Spawnsor CEO Corey Davin interviewed by Legion Radio

Legion Radio discusses why Spawnsor was started, and how it benefits up and coming players and teams looking to take their game to the next level.

Why do you love your sponsors?

Nov 27

While we attended MLG Providence, we had a great opportunity to talk with iNcontroL, Xova, and TheOddOne. We asked them all one simple question: “Why do you love your sponsors?” This was the result. :)

Hang with Spawnsor at MLG Providence

Nov 17

We’re super excited to be attending MLG Providence this weekend! If you’re attending be sure to flag us down. We’ll be hooking our members up with T-Shirts, Backpacks, and Pro Memberships.

Don’t forget to watch our Twitter and Facebook streams this weekend as we will be posting updates and pictures directly from the venue keeping you connected to all of the MLG action!

Top Stories: October

Oct 31

Here are the latest Spawnsor related news and stories from around the web for October 2011:

Spawnsor connects gamers and sponsors

StartupTunes discusses the positive changes Spawnsor could bring to the eSports industry.