5 Ways to Improve your Spawnsor Profile

Oct 11

Having trouble making you’re Spawnsor profile stand out? No worries, here are some tips to help bring your profile to the next level!

Profile Picture

Your profile picture is the single most important part of your profile, it should be professional, reflect your personality, and show that you’re down to business. To be listed on the Gamer Tab you must first upload a profile picture.

Complete Your Profile
Sponsors want to hear about your accomplishments and gaming career. When completing your profile try to tell a story that you feel is unique and most important, be yourself.


Tournament results are important to sponsors. Your results prove that you are competing on a regular basis, shows your consistency and level of exposure.

Upload Photos & Videos

Photos and videos are the most effective way to show your credibility and talent. Be sure to upload photos and videos of you and your team competing.

Share It

Want to increase your profiles exposure? Share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. The more exposure you and your profile receive the more marketable you become.