- About

Where do I start.. My name is Chris I am 22 years old I been in the FGC since 2002 and Moba since 2011 I do exceptionally well in games I play back in the days. I been on Street Fighter and League of Legends as my two main games up to date, I have competed in several events such as EVO 2001, 08, 12, 13, SoCal Regionals, North East Championship, and Final Round. I would hope one day to be part of an Esports team to show my skills.

- History

Before anything I use to be a Marvel vs Capcom 2 players and Super Smash I started playing at the age of 7. When I first attended EVO was what started my strive to play and compete with the best. The release of Street Fighter was when I started playing until the game either dies out or a new Street Fighter comes out, and since then I never left the game and only keep playing. Over time I heard of League of Legends and started playing in Season 2 and never really took it seriously at first. After seeing how the game progress made me started to get really involved in the Esport events, and since then kept playing till this day. I am Currently a Plat V ADC main