- About

I have been competing in FPS tournaments since Killzone 2. I play very competitively but also play for the enjoyment of winning. I game 50+ hours a week and am always ranked very high in the leaderboards for the games I play. I am not just ranked high due to play time but I am also ranked high in every stat, this includes points, k/d, w/l, and accuracy. I have achieved a lot while gaming and am looking for sponsors to give me an extra boost.

- Highlights

ranked #1 in world on Medal of Honor (XBOX360) ranked top 50 in world on Homefront (PS3) ranked 52nd in world on Killzone 2 (PS3) ranked top 1000 in world modern warfare 2 (PS3). My team won the Urgent Fury Resistance 3 Beta Tournament (For photos to prove I was ranked #1 in world on MoH jus message me, I will be more then happy to send you a picture)