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Norris Little, otherwise known as " LaSwagga" or "TransKudja" has proven to be a dominant force in any game he has touched. Widely accepted as one of the three best Setsuka players in Soul Calibur IV, with strong offense and an equally sound defense his opponents can quickly find themselves in a tough situation, low on health and void many options. His drive for gaming competitively is matched only by his thirst to prove his worth around the world and has landed him many connections with some of the Fighting Game Communities biggest names from sWooZie, to BurnYaBra of Dominion Method Gaming, Justin Wong of Evil Geniuses, and Final Round's Rob The Destroyer (RTD).

His rise to stardom really began to pick up upon the release of Street Fighter IV in 2008 where he started off as a Youtube comedian and journalist, documenting his experience with the game while educating and visibly improving. As time went on, his popularity steadily increased, his tournament results improved and eventually he was found and recognized as one of Empire Arcadia's representatives for Super Street Fighter IV for a short period of time. During that time he landed a sponsorship from the popular clothing company Kiaeneto, and currently represents their clothing line at every tournament he goes to.

LaSwagga's talents go beyond gaming however, born to a family of marketing directors and very well spoken he understands well how to communicate with other businesses, develop relationships and can establish and maintain a positive relationship with the public for the companies that he represents. In late 2009, LaSwagga started a company known as The Competitive Gaming Association (CGA) with a business partner and ran multiple tournaments with this companies name. This company officially signed with Legendary Games in September of 2009, founded in Warner Robins, Georgia and ran successful tournaments as a joint effort until Legendary Games was shut down by its owners. However, remnants of what CGA started in Warner Robins still remains, having built a strong, dedicated and powerful community of competitive gamers that still to this day travel and compete at the top level in their respective games.

Right now CGA has expanded over three states, South Carolina, New Mexico, and Georgia, and has also increased its competitive pull over a handful of new genre that they would've thought impossible at first. PC gaming, Card gaming, and Console based First Person Shooters. With players as dominant as William "Chris" Capps, a professional Magic The Gathering player that has remained dominant in his region for the past 7 years. Justin "Devack" Maddox, the top player for Aliance Of Valiant Arms, and our very own LaSwagga himself, a top Unreal Tournament 3 player.

With the skill, determination, knowledge, and business experience that Norris Little has attained through his efforts. There is no argument that he, is the one to want on your side.

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