- About

Hey the name is Spencer i'm currently 21 years of age and i love to game! along with my amazing group KPB, my passion is to be the best player that i can be as well as enjoy the experiences that come my way! some words that describe me is outgoing, trustworthy, reliable, and always on point!
my main game is Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition so i'm willing to play and learn from the best of the best.

Outside the box i enjoy
Traveling - i've been on some cruises i still would love to go on more!
Music - i listen to House, Rap, R&B, and lots of Hong Kong pop.
Friends - everyone needs friends right lol *shrugs*
Learning languages- i know English, French and i'm currently learning Cantonese Chinese
Quality time with my wonderful Lo Paw Jai (wifey in Cantonese)- she's is my everything!

For contact purposes please check out my group KICK-PUNCH-BLOCK! http://www.facebook.com/KickPunchBlock

- Highlights

Notable career highlights-
(7/30/2011) DWG/Clear/KPB SSF4:AE Tournament - 5th place
(10/18/2011) Local battles #6 SSF4:AE Tournament - 4th place
(02/22/09) Gamestop Street Fighter 4 National Tournament Round 1 -1st place
(03/12/09) Gamestop Street Fighter 4 National Tournament Round 2-5th place
(05/13/09) Gamestop Fight Night Round 4 National Tournament 4th place
(03/28/08) Dead or Alive 4 Web2zone Invitational - 1st place
(10/15/08) Dead or Alive 4 Web2zone Invitational - 2nd place
(10/10/07-12/10/07) Gamebattles Winter Halo3 Leaderboard - Team Pretty Boys-25th place overall