- About

I am an xbox 360 player who plays halo and call of duty. I record with a Happauge HDPVR 1212 and make videos alot. I am a trickshotter, feeder, MLG, and Competitive sniper too! Please consider sponsoring me. I will not let my sponsors down and make sure I Help them out and Promote them as best as i can!rnrnYoutube: www.youtube.com/user/TehhhPrayrnTwitch.tv : twitch.tv/tehhhprayrnInstagram: www.instagram.com/tehhhprayrnTwitter: www.twitter.com/@TehhhPrayrnMLG: www.majorleaguegaming.com/TehhhPrayrnrnI am sponsored by New Jersey Blast energy drinks and would love if you went and checked them out. Please tell them I sent you!rnwww.google.com/NewJerseyBlastrnwww.facebook.com/NewJerseyBlastrnwww.twitter.com/@NewJerseyBlastrwww.njblast.com/

- History

I have played xbox since i was 6 and it started off with Halo, I have played all the way up to now and I have been a sniper all of my life!

- Highlights

When I got Sponsored by New Jersey Blast
Joined MLG
Joined eG (.45k)
Joined Moon (4k)
Joined Net (2.2k)
Joined inK (1k)