- About

I've been competing since 2002 and it all started with Marvel vs Capcom 2. I play every genre, but put my focus on fighting games. I had about 5 paragraphs typed here, but when I was listing one of my events and added it, all of this did not save. So I'll keep this short, lol.rnrnI've won many local tourneys from NC, CA, TX, and overseas (Okinawa) I go to Evolution every year. Evolution (Evo for short) is the world's largest national fighting game championships, held at Las Vegas, NV once a year. rnrnNot only am I a gamer, but I'm also a game developer. I have worked for SCEA San Diego, Bioware Austin, Certain Affinity, and now Zynga. On top of that, I have also worked for GameStop and had my own store, working as the Store Manager and have been with the company for 4 years.rnrnI like to think of myself as a valuable asset because of what I know, how involved I am with the fighting game community, a tournament organizer/director, and as a former retail employee, knows what people/customers want and what they are willing to buy and/or looking for. rnrnI play RTS's and MMO's on my PC too and am looking forward to playing the new Star Wars MMO. Not just because I have worked on the game, but because it is a great game and I know people will love it!rnrn- Rotendo

- History

Been following the tournament scene for as long as I can remember reading about them in GamePro magazine and EGM2 magazine. Growing up in a strict household, I never had the opportunity to travel anywhere or participate in any tournaments. Although at the time I did not know that tournaments existed in my area and only thought they occurred in California (boy did I miss out!) rnrnWhen I joined the military and acquired my own vehicle I was finally able to meet up people from towns away and later, attend tournaments. Honestly, I did not know what to expect. Beating down on the local players was on thing. Getting mopped by a "regular" at a tourney was an eye opener and I wanted more and never looked back. rnrnThis was back in 2002 after coming home from my deployment. Base didn't have an arcade (a real arcade) but they did have the game I've been wanting to me since I got back. Marvel vs Capcom 2. Only thing is... wasn't anyone who played it and had to drive to the nearest mall's arcade to play it where they had people who do play.rnrnLong story short, it has fueled my thirst for tournaments and competition and along the way gained new friends who I have kept in contact with throughout the years and meet some of them annually at Evolution (EVO) held once a year in Vegas. rn