- About

I am one of the organizers for Exile Computer Gaming. We host LAN Parties in the Upstate NY area 1-2 times a year. We have hosted 10 events to date with our 11th coming in September.

- History

I am now semi-retired from competitive gaming. I still play but not in any competitive settings. I currently play World of Tanks. But I am looking forward to BF3.

- Highlights

As a gamer I was a Semi-Pro gamer in the Battlefield Series. I joined up towards the tail-end of BF1942 with the team The Thunderhawks. We really made our name in BFV & BF2. We competed in CAL, TWL, BF2 World Tournament, LANs & more. Our biggest accomplishments would be being #1 on the TWL Ladders, Making the CAL Playoffs in BFV & BF2 almost every single season. Being invited to CAL Main for BF2. And for the BF2 World Tournament, we went undefeated in our division & then advanced to the Top 16 out of the 1000s of teams from around the world.