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First of all let me thank you for taking the time to read and consider us for a possible sponsorship through your company. What we do is hard to quantify as we have our fingers in pretty much everything. This was all started by John “Reaper” Lankford as an endeavor to boost Esports, and to make it something it has never been before. John is an independent business owner and life long gamer who decided to focus his efforts into Esports. From the beginning as a simple team participating in LAN tournaments, RFLX gradually moved to competitive online play. From there John was able to put together a roster that would lead the team to a spot at MLG Providence becoming one of the top 8 teams in the U.S. There the world was awakened to RFLX as a force to be reckoned with in the competitive League of Legends scene. They continued from there grabbing top placements in tournaments and earning the respect of the community. John through the building of this empire has earned a widespread reputation amongst fans, organization leaders, writers, and companies as being one of the most professional managers in the business. Through organization, hard work, public relations, team mediation, and an innate skill for creating substance in the projects he creates, John is raising everything he touches to the level Esports needs to attain. And now he is bringing the world more.

The Future

Through a lot of planning and work behind the scenes John has created a new level to be added to his endeavors. Through all things under John’s direct influence as well as the acquisition of other organizations, we are creating what will be one of the most interactive, entertaining, and influential Gaming organizations to date. Dark Horse will embody all the aspects in every other gaming organization you see on the scene today. However we are adding new features in what we do. We will be producing and broadcasting a variety of original shows and entertainment that will grab a huge audience through partnerships with Twitch.tv and MLG. Right now John has partnered with Zak Kadison a former producer for Gold Circle Films and FOX, and who now is founder of Blacklight Transmedia. Through this partnership and by reaching out to other film industry leaders, they are in the process of producing one of the first reality based shows opening the world’s eyes to pro gaming. The funding and foundation has been laid and through another private investment John hopes to leverage, to gain more investment from large companies to create one of the first production houses for entertainment in Esports and gaming in general.

You can read about Dark Horse in this article: http://ggchronicle.com/rflx-manager-creates-new-team-project-dark-horse-drk/

In addition, we are 30% funded to operate a new gaming house in southern California. This house will not only provide the living quarters and environment to create top teams through consistent practice, but will be leased to other professional gamers as well. This house in itself will also be part of our entertainment portfolio. Providing a 24/7 interactive online live streaming event where viewers can watch what it is like to be in a gaming house and chat with our players online, in real time.

Also through a partnership with Gamer Institute we will be creating instructional videos and providing online tutoring around the world. All of our pro gamers will be available to teach amateur gamers across the planet who are looking to improve on their game. This will not only bring in revenue for our players and organization but also fresh new members to our community. http://www.gamerinstitute.com/

Furthermore we have acquired the right to produce a monthly LAN tournament series in Los Angeles that will attract a lot of local participation and help expose the organization to more players as well as give us the opportunity and credibility we wish to have in the competitive scene.