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Upcoming Events I Will Be Attending

  • Friday Night Fights Round 3 - Friday, October 21st 2011
  • Cross Counter TV "Rise of the Web Warrior" Qualifier #3- Saturday, October 22nd 2011
  • Arcade UFO Ranking Series 4.02 - Tuesday, October 25th 2011
  • BloodBath & Beyond - Saturday, November 5th 2011
  • Shut Up and Jam! - Saturday, November 19th 2011

My goodness where to start? I am a 17 year old college student. I play only fighting games and have done fairly well in all games I have played in the past. Street Fighter 4 is the main game for me competitively at this time and it is no different. I am among one of the best C.Viper players in the game. I travel more and more every month and place better every time with my recent tournaments being all between 1st and 2nd place placings. I have been featured in a couple of newspaper articles one of them being here.(Page 10) I travel between the United States and Japan and would love to represent your company in my progressions.

- History

I started playing competitively in "Dead or Alive" in Anchorage, Alaska in 2001 at the age of 8. Placing well in local tournaments at a young age I moved on to "Dead or Alive 4" in 2005. Being at a still relatively young age, traveling to tournaments was hindered and I settled for the most part participating online across Xbox Live until the game died out.
Around the end of Dead or Alive 4 's time Soul Calibur 4 was released and I focused heavily on this. I was the top Yoda player in Soul Calibur 4 with no arguement. I remained at this position in competition until Street Fighter 4 was released in arcades.
When Street Fighter 4 was released in arcade I instantly picked it up and started playing the character C.Viper. Over time I progressed and I am now one of the best C.Viper players in the United States, up there with players such as Latif and Wolfkrone.

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