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Community Manager of eSports Team Always Godlike

Whether he is called Dave Destruction, Counterpick Master Jr., or Denjin Dave, one thing is for sure, the opponent has met their fate. Denjin Dave does not want to beat someone playing his own game but beating his opponents at their own game plan. He is notorious for counterpicking his opponents and leaving them with the sour taste of defeat. His unconventional strategy has proven to be beneficial and backed up by his tournament results. Denjin Dave brings the hype to every event making for a electric show for players and viewers. But do not let his fanfare fool you, Denjin Dave is a serious player who made Top 50 out of 2,500 participants in Super Street Fighter 4 at Evolution 2010.

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Notable Career Stats:


(4/19/11) 8 on the Break Weekly #104 – SSF4:AE 5th Place.
(4/13/11) Body Shop Saturdays 10 – SSF4 9th Place.

(10/17/10) Season’s Beatings Redemption – SSF4 40th Place out of 412.
(10/12/10) 8 on the Break Weekly #78 – SSF4 5th Place.
(10/7/10) Philly Tech Throw Thursdays #4 – SSF4 7th Place.
(8/29/10) Jersey Shoreyuken #3 – SSF4 5th Place.
(8/14/10) GVN Summer Jam 4 – SSF4 65th Place out of 300.
(7/11/10) EVO – SSF4 49th Place out of 2,500.
(7/6/10) 8 on the Break Weekly #64 – SSF4 5th Place.
(4/16/10) Tea Boss Challenge #10 – SFIII 3rd Strike 4th Place.
(2/26/10) GVN Winter Brawl 4 – SSF4 49th Place out of 250.
(1/23/10) Grand Master Monthly – SF4 4th Place.


(12/6/09) NEC X – Street Fighter Alpha 2 9th Place.
(2/21/09) Gamestop National Tournament First Round – 2nd Place.