- About

- Born to be a competitive gamer
- Like competing in tournaments and ladders
- Like small teams of elite players over those 50+ groups

- Been Gaming all of my life
- Started online shooters since Battlefield 1942

- Like almost every genre of game (except for all that guitar hero/ rock band garbage)

- Highlights

- Ranked #2 in the world on Killzone 3
- Link to picture of leaderboards

- Ex-leader of [3C] ClosedCasketCrew considered to be #1 Clan in MAG (very well known)
-Link to many of the 3C forum posts

- [3C] Was winner of the of the IGN.com MAG BETA Tournament
-Link to Tournament

- 2 Images of sony entertainment system prize from IGN.com Tournament (1) http://i85.photobucket.com/albums/k73/dynotitan1212 /Image20090328235858577.jpg
(2) http://i85.photobucket.com/albums/k73/dynotitan1212/Image20090328211357719_1.jpg

- Ranked #9 in the world #5 in North America in W/L ratio on mag
- Link to leaderboards