- About

My name is Everett Coleman. I was born in Houston, Texas on June 4, 1993 and I currently live in Waco where I attend Baylor University. I have been competing on Major League Gaming's pro circuit for three years and have been a professional coach for the last two. I have coached Ambush, Heaven & Earth, Gimme My Money, and am now the coach of Str8 Rippin. Gaming has become more than just a casual hobby, in fact, I am often traveling around North America competing in the Halo series.

Learn more about me by checking out my blog located at http://blog.everettcoleman.com

- History

Everett Coleman (born June 4, 1993 in Houston, Texas) known by the pseudonym "Small", is a professional gamer and coach of Major League Gaming's, Str8 Rippin. Small began playing Halo in the early Halo 1 days when he was just 8 years old. Once Halo 2 was released, he began taking the game more seriously and started competing against friends. He kept practicing throughout the days of Halo 2 until Halo 3′s release date was present. He quickly jumped into Halo 3 and began competing in Gamebattles and MLG Pro Circuit competitions where he saw mild success. As time progressed the thought of setting down the controller and picking up a clipboard grew on him. He finally decided to become a coach during the 2010 season and joined Ambush, his first coaching team. After placing pro with Ambush he earned his Pro Coach title. Before moving on to the next event, he received offers from 3 other pro teams, one of which was Heaven & Earth. He competed with Heaven & Earth for one event before Halo 3 expired on the MLG circuit. He went on to coach HaE yet again in the MLG Dallas Exhibition event where he earned his Halo: Reach Pro Coach title. rnrnHaving earned a new pro title at the end of the MLG 2010 season, Everett "Small" Coleman began to search for a team for 2011. He soon joined Gimme My Money and coached up and coming players to their first top 16 placing. Soon after this achievement in Dallas, TX, Small was offered a position on world renowned, Str8 Rippin where he remains today.

- Highlights

- 13th place finish at MLG Columbus 2010 with Team Ambush.
- Earning "Halo 3 Pro Coach" status in June of 2010.
- 9th place finish at MLG Raleigh 2010 with Heaven & Earth.
- 7th place finish at MLG Dallas Reach Exhibition 2011 with Heaven & Earth.
- 11th place finish at MLG Dallas 2011 with Gimme My Money.
- Earning "Halo: Reach Pro Coach" status in April of 2010.
- 2nd place finish at MLG Columbus 2011 with Str8 Rippin.
- 13th place finish at MLG Columbus 2011 with Str8 Rippin.
- 20th place finish at MLG Raleigh 2011 with Str8 Rippin.
- 13th place finish at MLG Orlando 2011 with Str8 Rippin.