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My Xbox Live Gamertag is: EVILxJUGHERNOG. I am the President for my Clan called "The Evil Good$". The reason why my clan is called this is because I am a regular customer for evilcontrollers.com. I believe, support, and advertise their products. Evil Controllers make the best products from specializing in modded controllers to apparel and gear such as T-Shirts, Dog Tags, Tank Tops, Flex Hats, etc. I am a Disabled Air Force U.S. Veteran who believes in the core values of Service Before Self, Excellence in All we Do, and Integrity First. This is what I bestowed on my Clan. The power of knowledge and attitude to create a safe environment for gaming. rnrnIf you would like to check out the main source of the ECC (the evil good$), please visit:


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