#MW3Giveaway soon guys! Anyone have any good contest ideas? Montage perhaps?
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@tbooks34 We are backed up with holiday orders. We will have your order shipped very soon. Sorry for the delay!
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New Feature: Checkout our brand new illuminating thumbsticks. Over 250 light combinations and modes. Add them to any XBOX controller today!

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I uploaded a @YouTube video http://t.co/UmzdsliK New Iilluminating Thumbsticks - Modded Controller - Controll
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@iamazeRPM Glad to hear you happy! We love to hear feedback! :D
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@taterskin38 Hi - we are very overloaded due to the holidays. Maybe I can help you? What questions do you have?
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@floydellnburg please send an email to us. We will correct the issue. We are very backed up with orders due to Xmas.
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@CodKinGzZ we do not. Not at this time. Sorry.
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@Killjoy_Jones check out our build your own controller! This may help you!
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@Xbox360Gam3r100 not possible. Our controllers use a hardware mod not a firmware mod. The mod simulates the button being pushed. That's all.
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