- About

KontrolFreek is the leading developer of innovative gaming accessories that enhance the gaming experience and give gamers of all skill levels the competitive edge. KontrolFreek products are developed based on a careful study of ergonomics, ensuring each product also helps to reduce gamer fatigue, improving overall gaming comfort.

Our gaming products are designed to elevate the gaming experience by improving performance and reducing fatigue. Each is carefully engineered to reduce force inputs while increasing player comfort, helping to improve accuracy and decrease reaction times. Don't think of it as cheating, think of it as an evolution (or maybe even a revolution) for your thumbs.

We are a company made up of gamers, just like you. We live for perfectly placed grenade kills, quick-scopes, no-scopes, Wager Matches and gratuitous dog tag collecting. We are fueled by our desire to win, the constant need to improve and plenty of caffeine. Our full line of quality controller accessories have been engineered with those desires in mind.

Our deep involvement in the gaming community helps support the growth of competitive gaming and electronic sports through professional sponsorships and partner programs. KontrolFreek is proud to work with some of the best pro players, teams, e-sport organizations and YouTube personalities around the world. If you have interest in sponsorship, our partner program or just want to send us a note, please use our contact form.

Our gaming accessories are 100% tournament legal, protected by patents and are proudly made in the USA.

KontrolFreek is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.

- Mission

Our mission of helping gamers to be better gamers starts with extensive research in ergonomics and basic physics. Using community feedback and direct collaboration with pro gamers, we gather everything we know about controller inputs, leverage and comfort and create the best damn joystick enhancers on the planet! KontrolFreek products have earned critical praise from multiple media outlets like G4TV, IGN, Wired, Game Informer and many others.