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Local: adjective- pertaining to or characterized by place or position in space; spatial.
Battles: noun – any conflict or struggle

Local Battles Gaming Center is a video gaming/LAN center based on the Xbox 360 console in Fort Lee, New Jersey. We are a unique company that provides players with a safe and fun atmosphere for a leisurely or competitive gaming experience. We are one of the few gaming center of its kind in the U.S. and we are located just a stone’s throw away from the George Washington Bridge and New York City.

At Local Battles Gaming Center, we strive to provide not only a unique gaming experience but an experience that cannot easily be reproduced elsewhere. In our effort to achieve this goal, we continually ask our customers directly or via surveys on what we can do to surpass their expectations. We are all about our customers, whom many consider Local Battles their second home.

We also provide periodic tournaments which are run by a professional team of experienced members and are directly overseen by head management. We support all players, regardless of skill-level or recognition, by creating a community of friendly competition. All events are geared towards communal success and enjoyment. In addition, we host birthday parties and private events and provide summer camp programs.

If you haven’t experienced Local Battles, then we encourage you and your group to check us out. Whether you are with a small group of friends or a large party, we strive to meet your entertainment needs. Duke it out playing Marvel vs Capcome 3, see who’s the most skilled sniper in Call of Duty: Black Ops or race the night away with Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. We endeavor to be a landmark for current and future generations of gamers in the great Tri-State Area.