our 50% off is still going till new years eve!
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right now you can save 50% off every month off your total bill by using coupon code 'major50' !! www.majorleagueservers.com
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Major League Servers has partnered up with www.Spawnsor.net
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Happy Halloween everyone!
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Right now for the month of November when you order a 1000FPS server of any game you get a free 50 slot Ventrilo server! Hurry up while it lasts!!


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We here at major league servers we are having a contest. One winner will receive a 25 slot ventrilo for 3 months. The winner will be picked randomly by our staff here at major league servers.

How to enter?

1. Like this post and make a comment saying "MLS IS AWESOME"
2. email contest@majorleagueservers.com your email address and your first and last name.

The winner will be picked June 24th,2011

so enter now!!!
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We are now selling Dedicated Servers! please go to www.majorleagueservers.com and click on dedicated servers

Major League Servers - Professional Performance for Competitive Gamers
We are looking for a team(s) that can help promote Major League Servers name out while winning matches. The requirements are below. Please send team resume at Sponsorships@majorleagueservers.com
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Junes special of $20/month. ANY FPS, ANY LOCATION, ANY SLOTS (up to 32). This will end june 30th,2011. order today before this deal is over! go to http://majorleagueservers.com/billing/signup.php?clienttype=63&package=753

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Select One: If NeededRecord: $0.99 monthly10: $1.99 monthly25: $2.50 monthly50: $4.99 monthly75: $7.99 monthly
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April's Special of Buy one Get one Free. If you buy a server FULL PRICE you get the exact same server for free. Please go to the link below


Major League Servers
As a group of gamers we know what other gamers want. Our mission here at Major League Servers are to be able to provide the best servers at the lowest prices.
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Major League Servers will be getting a 1-(800)- number very soon for faster and more reliable support!
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