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NationVoice has earned the reputation as the leader in online Voice Server Hosting. Our steadfast networks and overall customer satisfaction since 2003 has already put NationVoice Communications on top of all the rest. Our commitment to our NationVoice family is very simple, and that is quality. Our customers are the most important part of the NationVoice brand. Our commitment to excellence and quality is essential in maintaining our place on top as being the Best Voice Server Host.

Performance and Reliability are top priorities for NationVoice Communications, and the servers we have operating demonstrate that ideology. NationVoice brings together the highest performing and best voice servers. Millions of gamers and Internet users alike have connected to the NationVoice network since 2003. We continue to be the Best Voice Host in the marketplace.

The popularity of Voice over IP group communications software is a growing trend among internet users and online gamers who are looking for a quick and easy way to connect with friends, family and clients all over the world. Worldwide usage is expected to continue to increase as the quality and ease of use keeps improving.

Here at NationVoice, we take great pride in keeping the world connected through Ventrilo, TeamSpeak, and Mumble Hosting. Experience the difference of our World-wide voice network. Now with a microphone and speakers, the ability to communicate quickly is possible. Our core business strategy is to enhance the NationVoice brand image and the quality of our services. NationVoice deserves to be your Voice Server Hosting company.

- Awards

-Leading worldwide voice server provider since 2003

-A+ Accredited Business BBB rating

-Has served over 1 million since launch