- About

Elite Prodigy Gamerz is a competitive gaming community founded in the summer of 2010. The leader/founder of the community is known as pro gamer also known today as grizzlyhd.

The community plays on the Xbox Live platform but also has a group on the Playstation 3. It started out a community open to all gamers no matter what the skill level is but has grew to a more competitive stance. We play all games an all game types but ONLY play Call of Duty competitive.

Wanna join the Elite Prodigy Gamerz? You must be 16+ in age and be able to sign up on are website and stay involved in the community.

Important Notice. Elite Prodigy Gamerz is the competitive side of the clan. If your wanting to be more of a follower and a fan you are part of the EPG Nation!

- Mission

Elite Prodigy Gamerz mission is to be the best and be at the top. We play night & day an fight hard for what we got. We are growing in size and popularity. One day we will be the #1 clan in the world.

You can help us achieve that goal by signing up on are site today! We are also on Facebook, Twitter & Youtube. So get out there represent the community you are the EPG Nation.

- Awards

-Reached 400+ Facebook Fans

-1,500+ Members Worldwide

-Recieved Webs.com #1 Monthly Website Visited

-Sponsored by XS Energy

-2013 MLG Pro Circuit Team Coming Soon!

-17 Gold Medals Straight on Call Of Duty Elite

-Earned a Championship Medal in Call Of Duty Elite