- About

-KiLLuMiNaTi KiNGz ELiTE is a gaming community that likes to have fun but also takes what they do very seriously. We play and compete mostly on COD Black ops 2 and COD MW3 but since we are a gaming community our players are active on many other games and different consoles as well. We are currently recruiting new active members that will bring something new to our family as well as bring serious competitive play to our team.

-We have multiple divisions to our clan that are filled with very talented and dedicated gamers that have a lot of potential in the gaming world. Not only do we have talented gamers but we have talented film editors, web designers, and promoters throughout the ranks as well.

-We were founded on March of 2011 and have been growing and getting better ever since. KiLLuMiNaTi competes in clan ops on MW3 and BOPS2 almost every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through Call of Duty Elite. We have had many top 100 performances with many players dedicating their time to play and compete for us. Not only do we compete on COD Elite but many clan members have teamed up to play on gamebattles and other competitive gaming sites.

-We currently have over 200 members in our community on our website and growing so if you are interested in joining our family and competing with us visit our website klkz.enjin.com, sign up and submit an application to either KGz1 or KGz2.

-For more information about us check out (http://www.klkz.weebly.com).

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KiLLuMiNaTi KiNGz ELiTE is officially recognized by the Central Outpost as a genuine gaming organization.

- Mission

-Our mission is to bring gamers from all over the world into one place where they can enjoy and have fun gaming with friends as well as compete at a high level and rank among the top clans in the world.

- Sponsoring

-Sponsored by: New Jersey Blast

-Controller Sponsor: MadKustom Controllers

-Newest Sponsor: Tyrant Militia

-KiLLuMiNaTi KiNGz is a very active clan that is competing in clan challenges and gaming for fun/ competitively all the time .

-Any interested sponsors should know that we have a website, facebook page, you tube account, and many other areas where we can gladly promote your business and products.

-Our community is growing everyday with all types of gamers and is showing no sign of slowing up.

- Awards

-Placed 4th in COD MW3 competitions on October 2012

-Placed top 100 dozens of times in COD Elite clan op competitions

-Beside from our community as a whole many of our members on a personal level have outstanding performance accomplishments.

-Don "KLKz x ToKeR x" Simcox

-Patrick "krowzee" Krause