- About

Welcome to Marc Gaming Here will be able to find the history, what is marc is about and also what does a marc mean in Marc Gaming.

History of Marc Gaming:

Marc Gaming was created by Marc of Frost, Marc of Fear, and Marc of Hybrid. They have been friends since 2010, They have a strong bond and friendship. They all we in a clan called ROH (Rebellions of Heaven). Due to the lack of activity, ROH shutdown and they went there separate ways but they stayed in touch. They all joined various clans and saw that non of the clans were a very good fix for them. They got together and talked about running a clan together. So they did. In July 2012 they created Marc Gaming.

About Marc Gaming:

In Marc Gaming we have ranks, Structure, and also Guidelines. The guidelines and ranks are not there to show power, it is there to keep the community from going into chaos and keep things running smooth. Also it is there give people something to do inside of the community and also to reward our members with more responsibility. The guidelines can be found here: http://marcgaming.enjin.com/guidelines and the ranks can be found here: http://marcgaming.enjin.com/ranks. Marc is a multi-gaming community. Also we are community that is based on loyalty, respect and dedication. Marc Gaming is a competitive gaming but also a casual gaming community. We do not look at K/d, we are looking for more of team based game play, communication, and also hard work.

What is a Marc?

A Marc (Mark) is an attribute, skill, something that makes you very different from everyone else. For ages we have always been marked as athletes,soldiers,labors,iron workers,rich,poor,royalty. But here at Marc Gaming we want you to show what Marc you bear. What makes you unique. We want you to were you Marc with pride. When ever you see come with the Gamertag Marc of (name). That last part is there special attribute, and they are wearing there attribute,skill with pride and honor. Also they are representing Marc Gaming.

So we ask you what Marc do you bear??

- Mission

Our Mission to become one of the top Communities/Clans known around the world. Also Marc Gaming wants to be bring back the Clan life. Because clans are not a big thing in gaming anymore well on the xbox side. We are trying to bring life back into communities and clans.