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Quantic Gaming sponsors the talented team Quantic High and Mighty. Quantic High and Mighty is filled with some of the most connected ladies in the gaming industry and draw attention for their talent rather than their gender.

Call of Duty Roster:
Dana 'J for Jade' Marie
Kelly 'Mrs Violence' Kelley

Star Craft 2 Roster:
Ashley 'Ladyinsanity' Soriano (Star Craft 2)

Claire 'JeepChick' Hammett

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- Mission

High and Mighty: Here is a team that already has star power. Each one of these ladies is already known in the industry and have fan bases. I’d love to discuss this further with you after you look at some of their stats. These ladies would rock not just as a team competing in COD, but also as a marketing street team or knowledgeable booth babes. This group has it all: The Coach, the Model, the BAMF, the Youtube Queen, the Industry Princess, the Reality Show Celeb.

- Sponsoring

Quantic Gaming
Kontrol Freek
Turtle Beach

- Awards

Highest placing all female team for Call of Duty Black Ops- MLG (PS3)