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About Us:
A team formed in April 2011 TrueVirulence is a small, tight knit, and competitive PS3 clan. TrueVirulence consists of only elite members who have been gaming for many years and participate in many forums who take part in various tournaments and have extensive gaming experience. We love gaming!

What We Can Offer Sponsors
- Get exposure on our clan website and forum signatures
- Exposure in various tournaments and contests
- Very competitive gamers

- Mission

TrueVirulence's missions are to participate and win various gaming tournaments and contests

- Awards

Leader: Sithis_

- Ranked #2 in the world on Killzone 3
- Link to picture of leaderboards

- Ex-leader of [3C] ClosedCasketCrew considered to be #1 Clan in MAG (very well known)
-Link to many of the 3C forum posts

- [3C] Was winner of the of the IGN.com MAG BETA Tournament
-Link to Tournament

- 2 Images of sony entertainment system prize from IGN.com Tournament (1) http://i85.photobucket.com/albums/k73/dynotitan1212 /Image20090328235858577.jpg
(2) http://i85.photobucket.com/albums/k73/dynotitan1212/Image20090328211357719_1.jpg

-Ranked #9 in the world #5 in North America in W/L ratio on mag
- Link to leaderboards

Co-Leader: GOODkyle

- Wrote Game Reviews for
- www.dualshockers.com
- http://www.gamingcollege.net/

- Formerly ranked #3 & then #2 in Resistance 2 (Worldwide)

- In Top 20 of MAG for 4 months straight (NA)

- Formerly ranked #99 in Uncharted 2 (Worldwide)

- Was #1 in the World in F.E.A.R. 2

- One of the first to complete all 500 challenges in Burnout Paradise (Acquiring the P12 Diamond)

- Formerly #19 in Madden NFL Arcade (Worldwide)

- Top 100 player in first month of Split/Second release

- Formerly in the top 10 of Crysis 2 (Worldwide

Co-Leader: ZiGllZaG (QUEZTiiONz)

- Ranked #1 in MoH
-Image of Leader boards

- Ranked #52 in Killzone 2

- Boasts a 3.0 kdr in almost every Shooter

Other Members lNulL, xOrganic, AfflictionS-