- About

We are a mature and friendly PS3 and X Box 360 clan that plays the Call of Duty series. We are competitive and recreational. We are level 19 on Elite, top 10 in the Top 100 MW3 clans, we participate in MLG game battles and clan battles. We have a hardcore and core GB squad. We run practices and ALL my members are very very active. We became established in October 2011 and we have over 20,000 hits and 200+ members. Requirements to join the clan is you must be 16 or older and you must have a headset to communicate!

- Mission

Our mission at RoD is to play as a clan, win, and have fun. We never affiliate ourselves with any clan that is disrespectful, childish, and can't follow rules. We have high standards and we plan on reaching our goals and that is to be the best we can be. We are not just a clan, we are family!!!