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We firmly believe that it is good people that make any organization a reality. Since the foundation of our team in late 2011, we’ve housed an array of talented teams and staff members ranging from content managers to our full-time pro gamers and do it all for the benefit of the sport we’ve all grown to love.

With a spectrum of teams increasing on a sometimes a daily basis, we hope to make a lasting, comprehensive impression on the world of competitive gaming. As a future industry leader, we have a group of talented, dedicated professionals with a unanimous outlook of distinguishing Team 4Not as a major player on the competitive scene. We hold a strong belief that the foundation of any successful endeavor always begins with the people that support it. Happy to be established on such a rapid scale, we couldn’t have done it without the support and commitment of dedicated gamers worldwide.

Team 4Not retains a firm grasp on what eSports will become in the years to come. Moving into the new era of competition and fielding successful teams in every discipline, we just recently established a top notch media production campaign for long term sustainability and growth. Already labeled as an upcoming powerhouse and dominant name on the scene, we show no signs of slowing down in the near future. Working hand-in-hand with industry leaders to create a new media solution and mainstream outlet for eSports, we subsequently look to other ventures while developing a truly unique, forefront name in competitive gaming. As a team, we’ve been working hard to create new insights on the cutting edge of team development and we’re excited to see what the future has to offer in terms of growth and expansion.

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We began our venture with a few professional gamers and a handful of compatible organizations from all over the world. While competing and placing well in offline events was a major stepping stone to our early success and development, possessing a powerful online community presence has always been the fundamental backbone of our cause. We decided to merge interests, creating Team 4Not as an outlet to share our passion for the game we love with fans from a multitude of different genres worldwide. Combining to a collective goal ensured a stronger organization, essentially enhancing the network of connectivity between pro gamers and their supporters on a much larger scale.

Moving into the new season we’re happy to be fielding successful teams in every discipline and just recently began a top notch media production campaign for long term sustainability. Already labeled as an upcoming powerhouse, we show no signs of slowing down in the near future. Our team has been working hand in hand with industry leaders to provide new opportunities to up and comers and we work hard to develop new insights in the ever-changing industry. Any help on pushing our sport forward is a welcome addition to our cause.

As an organization, we're always looking to take on new talented individuals to add to our array of professional teams and content management positions wordwide, looking to expand our in every facet of the sport. We want our members to be proud of being a part of a team that works together and has fun in competition.

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