- About

Team FeaR is a multi platform, multi gaming team. We reached our major success in Call of Duty 4 back in 2007 where we went on to become the 2008 national champions.

Leaders of Team FeaR

Leader- Renegade
Co-Leader - Moho
Captain - ASSASS1N

Members of FeaR:


Team FeaR Sniping:


Girls Division


Media and GFX Team:


Public Relations:


- Mission

We are a Professional Gaming team that plays within the Major League Gaming Pro Circuit. Our club has been working to provide new opportunities to help push our industry forward. Our team travel throughout the country and works hard to build champions for the country. We also organize some local and national level gaming competitions and try to include more youngsters in this game. A gamers needs to be disciplined, dedicated and committed to the goal. Throughout various competitions our gamers become strong and stand for the difficult situations in future life. We have simple philosophy of building to help young generation become healthy on both mental and physical level.

- Awards

MLG A Tournie Champs
MLG B Tournie Champs

Major League Gaming Pro Circuit 2 "08 2nd
Major League Gaming Pro Circuit 3 "08 2nd
Major League Gaming Pro Circuit Live Finals 1st (Vegas)

Major League Gaming Pro Circuit 1 "09
Major League Gaming Pro Circuit 2 "09 2nd
Major League Gaming Pro Circuit 3 "09 1st
Major League Gaming Pro Circuit Live Finals 3rd (Anaheim)

Major League Gaming Ladder 1 "10 4th

Team FeaR New York Lan
Team FeaR Florida Kissimmee Lan
World Cyber Games Holiday Heroes Lan
Zion Lan center tourniecs 1.6
Zion Lan Center Tournie CZ
Call of Duty 2 Best Buy Tournament
GameStop’s Call of Duty: Black Ops Ultimate Combat 4v4 Domination LA Lan - Xbox 360 "11 2nd

Perfect Dark Zero King Of the Couch 2v2
Chromehounds Gamespot Tournament
Game Arena Tournament Halo2
Battlegrounds tournament COD2 3v3
Amped-Tournaments 2v2 GoW Tournie
Gears of War MLG Online Tournament 2nd Place
GoW Season 1 Gamebattles crown tournament
Rainbowsix Vegas NXgamers Online Tournament
TheTotalGamer.com Tournament
Gamebattles Season 1 Playoff Champions
Gamebattles Season 2 Playoff Champions
NXG 3v3 Forums Tournie Champions
Gamesaloon 1v1 Tournie Champ : ASSASS1N
Combat Arenas TDM Champs
NxG 2K Pro League Champs
NxG Sponsored Pepsi Steel Series Tournie Champs
Bestbuy 5v5 tournie Champions
NxG Hardknocks 2k Lan ORLANDO Champions
GB Staff v. User Match
GB 2v2 MP5 Tournament
GB 2v2 MLG SnD Tournament
GB 4v4 MLG Summer Bash Tournament
GB 3v3 MLG Style SnD Tournament
GB 4v4 MLG Weekend Mayhem Tournament
GB Doubles Bash Tournament
GB Friday Classic Tournament
GB 2v2 Late Night SMG MLG SnD Tournament
GB 2v2 Sabo and SnD Blowout Tournament
GB 2v2 MLG Sabotage Tournament
GB 2v2 Assault Rifles SnD Tournament
GB 2v2 P90 SnD Tournament
GB 4v4 MLG October Send-Off Tournament
GB 3v3 Weekend Madness Tournament
GB 4v4 MLG October Send-Off Tournament
GB 2v2 Demo and CTF Kickoff Tournament
GB Winter Classic 4v4 MLG Variant Tournament
GB 2v2 SMG MLG Holiday Special Tournament
GB 2v2 Official Sunday Pro-Am Tournament Tournament
GB Live: 4v4 Mayhem Showdown Tournament
GB 4v4 10 Credit MLG Double Elim Tournament
GB 4v4 Sunday MLG Champions Tournament
GB MW2 2v2 MLG SnD Tournament
GB Live: All-Star Classic Tournament
GB Live: All-Star Classic Tournament : Red
Dr Pepper Doubles Ladder
360icons MW2 Double Dose Tournament
360icons MW2 Back in Action Tournament
Newegg Wanfest MW2 4v4 Tournament
360 Icon 2v2 Champs.
2011 Call Of Duty XP - Million Dollar Tourney

2011 MLG Pro Circuit

Dallas - 4th place
Columbus - 3rd place
Anaheim - 2nd Place
Raleigh - 1st place