- About


TEKNICITY.eSports is the Australian Competitive Gaming organization representitive of ]TurnedOn an Australian game, gadget review and web development company.
TEKNICITY.eSports consists of several teams, across many games currently on the Xbox 360 and other gaming platforms. The organization was soley founded by Daniel "Liquidzs" Walters in August 2011 and became an official team for Virtual Arts a month later.

TEKNICITY.eSports Compete in LAN events and all Pay 2 Play Online Tournaments.

1st StarCraft2 1v1 Invite League
4th Black Ops Pay2 Play League
2nd Fifa 11 with a 19-2 Win Loss
5th Fifa 12 Currently With a 9-2 Win Loss
1st Halo Reach

- Mission

Our Mission is to Gain as much resepect and to be one of the best Esports Organisations in Australia. we would like to have majior sponsors to represent at the many games and Lan Tournaments we play aswell as P2P's.

- Sponsoring

We are looking for any sponsor to help build this organisation into something bigger than what it is.

What we can bring to your company?
1. We Will put your Logo on our LAN jerseys.
2. We will represent you with a page on our website.
3. We also can put your logo on our logo and banners exc
4. The team will have your logo on their forum signatures.
5. post you of our fb page.

all sorts of things can be aranged.