- About

we are a team that works hard to win and almost never loses we always make improvements and get better as a team we also have no website :( making one soon we also will be going into paintball and bmx we take things passed the gaming world and move on to other things aswell but gaming is always 1 on are list and it will stay that way we also help are sponsors with what they need or want us to do we will never let them down we make sure we are a great team so thare is no let down everytime we get a sponsor we will make a new part of modern just to work for that sponsor the leaders will do it wall if you want to join contact us on this site and tell us about you we are also a xbox 360 team but will get into ps3 soon thanks for reading hope to see you join us!!!!!!

- Mission

we want to be the bigist and the best and what ever $$$$ we make half of it will go to reserch for censor and charatys we want to help everyone we can

- Sponsoring

we will take care of what needs to be done at that time when we get one we will also make a add on to are team that will just be making sure that they are happy being with us and see what they want us to do