- About

Upperhand has been a well known name in the old school Call of Duty series for quite some time. Moving through the competition with ease, Upperhand made it to the Cal-Main division before Call of Duty 4 was released. At release, they moved to a sponsorship known as killerz Xtreme. After huge team decisions and long discussions, Upperhand decided that Call of Duty 4 was not for them, and stopped playing competitively. In the fall of 2010, after Black Ops was released, Matt “trkzz” Ahrens, a former player for Upperhand, decided it was time for the return of Upperhand. After throwing together a solid team of former teammates and friends, Upperhand quickly started gaining recognition. Moving through two different sponsors, Inevitable Defeat and Icons of Vanity, everyone felt Upperhand deserved more. We are currently in the process of starting Team Upperhand, a professional Counter-Strike organization known for high talent and great accomplishments in the Blackops and MW3 games.

- Mission

Our mission/goal is to become one of the best Teams in the world. In doing this we will set our goals high and look for the very best in competition. By accomplishing this we will win big and show everybody that infamy has what it takes to compete with big time organizations.

- Sponsoring

Looking for Partners and Sponsors
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What we are asking
Team Upperhand is asking for any support you can give to ensure the growth of the organization. The products, services, monetary donations, swag that you can provide will keep motivation high for the members and give them more incentive to drive harder to become a professional entity. LAN Sponsorships for upcoming BF3, MW3, and CS:GO would be
appreciated. Future games to be supported would be: Starcraft II, Halo Reach on xbox, League of Legends, and Modern Warfare 3 for xbox/ps3.
Help us be the best:
*What we look for to compete at the highest level
-Financial Assistance for:
+ Travel to and from competition and Events
+ Accommodations at Events
+ Player Salaries (When needed)
-Hardware/Product Support:
+ Computer systems
+ Computer Components/Peripherals
+ Product to Give Away/Prizes for contests at Events/Online
*Sponsorship Provides:
-Stability and Longevity
+ Professional players become affiliated with sponsored teams
+ Remain Prominent for years to come
-Notoriety and reputability amongst the community
+ Ability to attend more Events - increase exposure
+ More website traffic due to increased media and attractions
-Sponsored teams attract more fans better return of investment
-Increased opportunity to give back to the community (i.e. prizes, lessons, contests)
-Ability To:
+ Grow and Increase our fan Base
+ Be a strong marketing force to the world wide community