- About

CR3W started back in November of 2009 with only three people; Shizz 187, McL0v1n03 187 and NiSeyMcNaSty187; but now we currently have over 25 members. We are solely based on Xbox Live playing Call of Duty games. We are growing in numbers and in skill; our members are like family to one another. We help each other out as much as we can but only if we see you are deserving of help. CR3W is against all aspects of cheating including rapid fire controllers, boosting and glitching; we play hard and we play fair. We are currently registered on GameBattles and we are looking to pursue playing in the Pro Circuit. CR3W is currently looking for a sponsorship in order to compete on the professional level. Our members are enforced to show respect, sportsmanship and professionalism in and out of the game.

- Mission

CR3W 187's mission is simple, we are looking for a sponsorship like any other gaming clan. We want to make a name for ourselves in the gaming world not only for our skill but how we present ourselves in tournaments and during regular online play. We don't want to gloat and brag about how good we are through words; we do this by the way we play and how other clans respect us but also fear us.

- Sponsoring

If sponsored we can promote the product through all of our social networks, give our fans and followers an understanding of the product along with its benefits. We can also promote our sponsor in our local areas, by visiting various establishments that coincide with the product. We will do anything you ask from us to help promote the product as our sponsor will help promote us.

- Awards

We currently have no awards at the moment