- About

Digital Mind is a counter-strike 1.6 team from Bosnia and Herzegovina/Croatia. Since its foundation, we have changed just two players. We are playing lots of tournaments at the domestic scene, but our goal is to go international, to play with pros, and at least to become a proffesional squad. Digital Mind is a synonym for great teamplay, hard trainings, and fun. Our motivation and will is at the highest level. We know that if you want to become a pro, you need to train hard and have strong motivation. We have it all but due the lack of sponsors/organisation we are unable to show our skills and to, maybe, attend on international field. Team know that sponsors would not regret if they choose us, because we can proove that we are worth it.

- Mission

Our mission is to become a proffesional team that could attend on international scene.
Currently, we are practising for some local tournaments: FragNET Winter 2012, GameWood 2012 and online steamleague Winter Fever by steamleague.org . Our priority is to find a sponsor that could support us in product, server (voice/game), or money view. It is very important to us, because organisation (any type) is a key factor for some international tournaments. We can not find locals at InteExtremeMasters ? For sure, because they dont have an organisation. We have, will, motivation, skill and proper experience for those tournaments, but due the lack of sponsors we are unable to play it.

Train hard, go pro !~

- Sponsoring

Team Digital Mind was sponsored by Plus Computers ; www.plus.ba * and gaming club Stasnet. We have lost sponsorship of plus computers in a month, because situation in our country ( about gaming ) is patetic, and there is no firm that could invest in gaming. But we are glad that we have a chance to find a sponsor with spawnsor.net

- Awards

~ Stasnet LAN tournametns ( 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 )

~ gamewood LAN tournaments 2010

~ Pirates 2010, 2011

~ ek1 LAN tournaments ( 2010, 2011 )

~ FragNET LAN tournametns ( 2010 - Winter & Summer )

~ qualification for ESWC ( 2010 )

~ qualification for DreamHack ( 2011 )

~ Neon LAN tournaments ( 2010 )